Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Sol's 3rd birthday

Soleil had her birthday party at the zoo. All her friends came and they had a great time running around, touching reptiles, being attacked by birds, etc. We were so busy we didn't get many pictures. Damon took some, I will have to ask him to send some our way! But here are a couple and then there are some pics we took on her real birthday at home. I like the one with her showing us how old she is. River devoured his cupcake! At her party she wouldn't let us sing to her because she was feeling shy. But at home she had us light the candles and sing three separate times. She was living it up!

Thanksgiving 08

Robbie and I decided to go all out this Thanksgiving and make a good Thanksgiving meal. We roasted a Tofurky with potatoes, sweet potatoes, apples, pears, onion, and garlic. I made some homemade cranberry sauce and even made my first apple pie since I was in high school! Yum! Yum! After all that work Sol wouldn't touch any of it, but it didn't matter. River ate more than his share!

Cute Baby Alert!

Halloween pics

So this year I made the kids costumes with the sewing machine. Soleil picked what she wanted everyone to be for Halloween. Daddy-Banana Mommy-Pirate Soleil-Flower River-Grapes When we were Trick-or-Treating Soleil found out that Halloween isn't just fun costumes and candy. She realized that it can be scary too!

Pics from Sol's camera

Soleil loves to pull out her camera and take pictures of all of us. Here are some recent pics.

Green Meadow Farms

Sol and River met some farm animal up close at Green Meadow Farms in October. River tried to eat the goats. We had a crazy hayride driver. I was scared!

Irving Halloween Fest

We headed out to the Irving Halloween Fest. Soleil wanted to wear her Cinderella dress, River was a pumpkin, Robbie recycled his Jedi robe and I recycled a fairy costume. When we got there they had just started a costume contest so we decided to try our luck. Well I won first place and Robbie won 2nd! We both got itunes gift cards! Sol had fun playing on the bounce houses and River napped the rest of the day away.

Cute kid pics- Oct

Texas State Fair

Early October Robbie and I took the day off work, the kids played hookie from Leslie's and we headed to the Texas State Fair. Soleil and her Daddy investigated the train museum. While River napped Sol got to ride on some rides including the huge Texas Star Ferris wheel with Daddy!

It was a beautiful day and we enjoyed spending it with each other.