Friday, November 2, 2007

Scary Halloween weekend

Last weekend was a bit scary. About 9AM on Saturday I started to feel some painful contractions in my right side. I went to sit down after a while and they seemed to get worse. They lasted for about 10 minutes. It felt like I was in labor. I decided to lie down and they returned again about an hour later. I called Cori and she asked me how much water I had been drinking...well I hadn't had any yet that morning since I was just making breakfast and the week before I had a sore throat so I had been drinking hot tea and hot chocolate in the morning since it was getting cold outside. I love curling up with a cup of hot chocolate on cold mornings while I watch the news. Well she told me to drink as much water as possible since I was probably going into early labor because of dehydration. I drank about 20 oz and the contractions went away. It was like magic water! I started to have a painful ache in that same side off and on too. She came for our scheduled appointment on Sunday and told me I might have a urinary tract infection and that could cause extra dehydration too. She took a urine sample and found out that I was fighting of SOME infection...jsut not sure what. She sent off the sample...haven't heard from her so I guess it was fine. I continued to have the painful cramping in my side through Sunday night. I was worried about the work week, but haven't felt anything again yet! I am amazed how easy it was for me to get dehydrated. I am working extra hard to drink water all the time which is difficult while I am at work b/c I have to leave my class all the time to head to the restroom!

Cori thinks that the aching cramps in my side is round ligament pain. She says it gets worse with each pregnancy...I don't recall having it at all with Soleil. I did have an aching back pain on that same side with Soleil though. I've gained 10 pounds since last month so maybe my body is working overtime to stretch out my belly so maybe that is why it is bothering me now.

Off to the restroom!

Friday, October 5, 2007

4 months

We had our 4 month appt with Cori last Sunday. We heard the heartbeat instantly which means the baby has really grown a lot in the past month. I am feeling a lot more movement when I stop to think about it. Finding clothes to wear to work has been difficult since the maternity clothes I wore last pregnancy are way too big on me still, but I have outgrown most of my regular clothes. Soleil enjoys rubbing "Gentle Baby" oil on my belly every night before she goes to sleep. We are reading many books about babies on the way and she seems fascinated by babies right now. We will see if it lasts!

Monday, September 3, 2007


We had our 13th week appointment with Cori today. When she attempted to find the heartbeat she said that she heard it, but Robbie and I weren't so sure. Then it was gone. We spent another 1/2 hour trying to find it and no luck. So Robbie suggested I get up and walk around a bit and Cori had me drink some orange juice. We tried again and Cori manipulated my uterus up a little and we did hear it! It wasn't very loud, but the baby is only about the size of a plum and has a lot of area to move around in. But we definitely heard it! Here is a picture of Sol and I with Cori.

Friday, August 31, 2007

What waist??

About 2 days ago my stomach all of a sudden seemed to pop out. I am having a difficult time finding pants that I can wear to work. I don't want to pull out the maternity pants since I haven't announced my pregnancy at work yet. That would make it VERY obvious. People are probably just thinking that I am gaining weight. Last year I had to buy all new pants b/c I lost so much weight...I was down to a solid size 6!! That was never before in my vocabulary. 6 is long gone now...wonder if I will ever see that size again...

On Monday we have our 13 week appt. Robbie and I are both off work so we are hoping we can hear a heartbeat. If we do hear it then I am going to announce the pregnancy at work on Wednesday.

Over the last hour of work today I felt about 8 strong movements in my left side. I can't think what else it could be other than the baby. Can't wait until Monday to hear the little critter!

Thursday, August 16, 2007

I can feel the little strawberry!

For about a week I have been feeling a little movement. I know I didn't feel Soleil moving around this early but I really didn't know what to "feel for". The first time I felt this one move we were spending some quality family time at a hotel pool. I was sitting in the sun watching Robbie and Soleil swim and I definitely felt some somersaults! I wouldn't think I would this early since the baby is only the size of a strawberry. Guess it will be an extra active one!!

Friday, August 3, 2007

Homebirth Midwife is a go!

We hired Cori (the midwife I spoke about in the previous post). She came on Monday for our first appointment. She took all my medical history, blood pressure, blood samples, etc. Soleil is already starting her training to become a midwife. She loved trying out the stethoscope, she felt my glands on my neck after Cori did and she was SO interested in all of Cori's equipment. We weren't able to hear a heartbeat yet but only being 8 weeks we were really pushing it even trying. I have been feeling ok. I wouldn't say I have had morning sickness, but often I don't feel 100%...more like 80%. I have been taking all of Soleil's naptimes as opportunities to nap myself...which is what I should be doing right now! I do get quite sleepy by this time of the day. Soleil is still getting up at least once a night....although last night she was up 4 times!!! She has also apparently been preparing herself for back-to-school since she has been getting up before 7AM! We bought some books about babies and have been pointing to my abdomen and telling her there is a little baby in there. She likes to point to her belly and say there is a baby too. I don't think I am ready to be a grandparent yet! He-he.

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Home birth?

I am interested in having a home birth with this little one. I don't want to deal with going anywhere in labor and I don't want to have to put a newborn baby in the car to come home either. I think being at home in our own environment will be nice. Soleil will be here with us and baby and I can just jump right in bed together after the birth! We will try a water birth again and probably rent a spa tub to set up in the house since our tub is so tiny.

We interviewed a midwife today and I really liked her. She seems to really love what she does and is very knowledgeable. I even learned something new with her! She will come to the house for all of the prenatal visits which will be nice that I won't have to drive anywhere and Soleil won't have to be carted off either. Not to mention I won't have to fight traffic to get anywhere after work and how much we will save on gas!!!

What better way to bring a baby into this world than the comfort of his/her own home? The smells of home, sounds of home, love of home!

Here is the midwife's site:

We haven't decided on her 100%, but we sure did like her! Soleil even gave her a hug and let her kiss her if Sol will do that, she must be a kindred spirit!


Well Robbie and I found out we were pregnant over the 4th of July holiday while we were visiting his family in Alabama. I noticed my cycle didn't come and then I wanted a Diet Coke, so I KNEW something was up. Robbie had flown back home to go to work and while on the phone with him I thought I felt a menstrual cramp. I told him, "Whoops, guess we aren't pregnant". I thought he would be happy since he hasn't been sure having a 2nd was the best thing to do financially and sanely! But he told me he was disappointed since he had gotten used to the idea. That was nice to hear! And it looks like this one is here to stay, not a menstrual cramp after all. Guess it was pregnancy pain! So welcome baby #2!