Friday, July 11, 2008

Cool Thursday Concert

On a hot June afternoon we went with some friends (Cindy, Jessica, and Damon) to a Cool Thursday concert at the Dallas Arboretum. They had an Elvis impersonator and his band. It was good company, good wine, and good Elvis tunes. We brought Soleil along even though we knew she would be staying out late way past her bed time. But hey, she had to hear the Elvis tunes, right? Well when 8pm (bedtime) came and went, so did the shyness of our little girl. She had boogie fever! She had both Robbie and me go down towards the band so she could dance and she danced even up on our blanket. She had a blast. Now River on the other hand had about all that he could handle. He dozed on along with Uncle Damon!

River's tree update

Well River's tree has been growing along with him. Here are some June pics to compare to the March pic. It's not just a dead looking tree anymore!

June pics

Soleil, River, and I taught sign language at my school's summer camp. It was difficult to juggle about 8 kids along with two of my own, but we survived. I did have some help from some wonderful little "nannies" Gabi and Tomas. Thanks guys! I just realized that although Gabi took many pics of River, I never took one of them together. But here is one of Tomas. River really liked both of his nannies. I think he was better for them than he is with me! Soleil had a great time at camp. She sat with all the other students on the risers and learned the signs along with them. She sang the songs, watched the videos, cut out her letters, etc with them. My little girl is getting so big...I can already see her getting ready for school! She even was brave enough one day to go to cooking class to make pizza muffins with Mrs. Cantu and then on to yoga class with Ms. Kampman. (Or as Soleil likes to call her Ms. Kampnin, her word for napkin) :) But after yoga class she came back to my class saying, "Mommy, I am all wet" and very upset. I guess yoga class was just too exciting to stop to go potty.

Soleil still enjoys holdingRiver or sitting with him. Every time they are together she tells me to take a picture of them together, so here are all the times she asked me to take pics of them:We planted lots of vegetables in our garden and Soleil was right there with us helping out when she could. We also planted some flowers in her little gardens. Here are some pics of her enjoying the back yard: