Monday, October 13, 2008

Zoo fun

On a fun fall morning we spent the day at the zoo. Earlier that morning Echo caught a cicada. We thought it was dead so we took it to the zoo trading post. Soleil had already brought in some cicada sheds and now she was going to show them the adult. Well when we opened up the box, the cicada was very much alive so we let it go. The zoo became its new home. It warmed up and Sol got to play in the water, one of her favorite things to do at the zoo.

Outside fun!

River just loves to be outside...eating grass, eating dirt, touching trees, crawling around!


We got invited to our first quinceanera! A co-worker's daughter turned 15 so we went to celebrate her coming of age with her family and friends. River went with me to the mass and then I switched off and Soleil went to the reception. I think she got the better deal! She, once again, wanted to dance, dance, dance. She was a big fan of the chocolate fountain too. Here she is, VERY focused on the task at hand!