Friday, November 2, 2007

Scary Halloween weekend

Last weekend was a bit scary. About 9AM on Saturday I started to feel some painful contractions in my right side. I went to sit down after a while and they seemed to get worse. They lasted for about 10 minutes. It felt like I was in labor. I decided to lie down and they returned again about an hour later. I called Cori and she asked me how much water I had been drinking...well I hadn't had any yet that morning since I was just making breakfast and the week before I had a sore throat so I had been drinking hot tea and hot chocolate in the morning since it was getting cold outside. I love curling up with a cup of hot chocolate on cold mornings while I watch the news. Well she told me to drink as much water as possible since I was probably going into early labor because of dehydration. I drank about 20 oz and the contractions went away. It was like magic water! I started to have a painful ache in that same side off and on too. She came for our scheduled appointment on Sunday and told me I might have a urinary tract infection and that could cause extra dehydration too. She took a urine sample and found out that I was fighting of SOME infection...jsut not sure what. She sent off the sample...haven't heard from her so I guess it was fine. I continued to have the painful cramping in my side through Sunday night. I was worried about the work week, but haven't felt anything again yet! I am amazed how easy it was for me to get dehydrated. I am working extra hard to drink water all the time which is difficult while I am at work b/c I have to leave my class all the time to head to the restroom!

Cori thinks that the aching cramps in my side is round ligament pain. She says it gets worse with each pregnancy...I don't recall having it at all with Soleil. I did have an aching back pain on that same side with Soleil though. I've gained 10 pounds since last month so maybe my body is working overtime to stretch out my belly so maybe that is why it is bothering me now.

Off to the restroom!

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