Saturday, January 12, 2008

Time flies!

Wow! I noticed that I haven't posted much on this blog with the 2nd pregnancy. I guess I am more focused on Soleil than the pregnancy since she keeps me pretty busy.

I am about 32 weeks along. I noticed that I don't feel very "pregnant" when I am not working, but when I go to work I feel VERY "pregnant". Not sure if it is the stress of work, the students wearing me out, standing more at work....but there sure is a difference. Maybe it is because when I am at home I have more time to do the home-things and when I work I have to complete them quickly upon arriving home since time is limited.

I still think the baby is a boy. Robbie and I have both settled on the name River, be it boy OR girl. We still need to think about middle names and quickly...since there are less than 2 months to go!

The baby is kicking a lot. I feel him/her especially when the students leave for the day and I sit at my school computer to catch up on work e-mails and when I lie down at night to go to sleep. Guess it is the time the baby notices I am calm and quiet. You can actually see the feet pushing my belly out.

We haven't prepared too much for this baby...guess we have most everything we need. I pulled out some of Soleil's early clothes...I am amazed at the stains on the front. I guess breast milk spit up really stains clothes. I don't remember them being so stained when we packed them up...I wonder if they yellowed in storage. I am not so worried about it since i know River will be spitting up all the same. I will need to wash them again along with all the baby blankets, carseat cover, swing cover, etc. Then I think the only thing we will need is newborn diapers. We'll start a couple of weeks with disposables. I am going to buy some USED cloth diapers since new ones are so expensive. There is a baby at Leslie's that has just about outgrown his. They are the same brand (Fuzzi Bunz) that we used with Sol, but a smaller size so we can start using them earlier.

I worry about all the recent research on plastic baby bottles and the chemicals they leach into the milk...I would like to get glass since they are safer...but at the same time we already have the plastic. River will need the bottles when he goes to Leslie's.

Oh I guess we have to get a crib mattress too since Soleil is using her crib mattress in her princess toddler bed. I have been hearing a lot about research showing that SIDS is caused by the toxic gasses that come out of the baby mattresses mostly due to the fire repellent chemicals they use. I have looked at organic natural crib mattresses, but the prices are so high... I was wondering if we could just get a cheap mattress and then a mattress pad to block the gas. Not sure if it is the same.

Robbie is working on painting the office room right now. I was getting annoyed by the orange faux finish that we did in there when we first bought the house. It was driving me crazy...not a good color for a home! Robbie has started working from home and he is in that room. I thought the orange wasn't a calming enough environment, so we are painting. We picked a light browny color called "cookie"-something. I hope it will look good. We still need to get him a desk and chair since last week he had his computer on one of Sol's toy boxes and was sitting on the wonder why his back has been hurting this week! He found a desk he likes at Ikea, but they are out of stock. We are waiting for it to come in and then he still needs to find a comfortable chair. We are going to try Sam's. We are getting rid of the futon, so if you visit and stay the night we will use the blow-up mattress. It is very comfortable...its the one we use when we go camping. But we are quickly running out of room in this house since Robbie needs a workspace and the new baby coming. I guess Soleil has no choice but to share her room with her younger sibling for now!

We talk about baby River with Soleil and every once in a while she will kiss my belly or say hello to my belly. We read books about new babies, but I am not sure she really understands it. When I pulled out the baby clothes the other day and told her that she wore them when she was a tiny baby, she took some of them away. I thought she was going to go put them on one of her babies, but she came back WEARING one of the pairs of pants! They were more like shorts on her and very tight, but it was so cute that she still wanted to wear them.

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