Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Sick, sick, sick

Over 12 days ago I came down with the flu. Robbie and Soleil left for the weekend to see Nana and Pawpaw in Alabama which gave me time to rest. Soleil came back and went straight to the doctor with a high fever. She was diagnosed with the flu. She had a 5 day fever and is felling much better now even though she has a bit of a cough still. Robbie came down with it a few days later, but is feeling much better now. I am STILL sick! I went to the doctor yesterday and was told I have pneumonia. I am now taking antibiotics and steroids along with other fun stuff. I am less than 2 weeks away from my due date. I am just hoping baby River can hold off on coming into this world until I can get my body back in shape. Right now my lungs hurt so bad that it hurts to breathe, cough, move, lie down, lift my arms, pretty much anything! Hopefully I will bounce back in time to have a wonderful birth at home.

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