Monday, September 3, 2007


We had our 13th week appointment with Cori today. When she attempted to find the heartbeat she said that she heard it, but Robbie and I weren't so sure. Then it was gone. We spent another 1/2 hour trying to find it and no luck. So Robbie suggested I get up and walk around a bit and Cori had me drink some orange juice. We tried again and Cori manipulated my uterus up a little and we did hear it! It wasn't very loud, but the baby is only about the size of a plum and has a lot of area to move around in. But we definitely heard it! Here is a picture of Sol and I with Cori.

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Michael Attaway-Tully said...


I wanted to say how exciting this all is! I am happy that you are having a second child. Sol will be a great "big-sis"...