Wednesday, April 16, 2008

6 weeks just flew by!

It's official...I am returning to work tomorrow. It has gone by way too fast, but I can say that these past 6 weeks have been a lot of fun! River is growing up already. He is not that helpless tiny baby he was when he was born. He is ready to head out to the big world by way of Leslie's house tomorrow with his big sister Soleil. He is all smiles and coos (when gas isn't bothering him) and that makes it all the harder to not be with him for many upcoming daylight hours. I hope he saves some of those coos and smiles for me at the end of the day. I am actually tearing up as I read this. I know that he will make me smile more and more as he grows, just as Soleil cracks me up. I love them both more everyday. It's just that I feel like time is getting away from us...we need to stop and smell the poopie diapers! Ok, I will move on. Here are a few pics from the past six weeks:

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