Tuesday, May 27, 2008

More April Pics

April was busy! With both of us working full time and trying to keep the house together and all of us bathed and fed April was a tough month! Plus my pneumonia came back so I was put on a stronger round of antibiotics. The doctor told me to take it easy...yeah, how?? I took 4 days off work and sent the kids to daycare just to get some rest.

Here are some other pics from April. Whenever River does tummy-time or lies on his play mat, Soleil wants to do it with him!

Nana came to visit us in April. We enjoyed having her...just wish she could have stayed around a bit longer! ;) It was neat having her here when River was so young...it brought back memories of her being here taking care of Soleil. We went to the zoo with Nana.

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