Monday, August 18, 2008

Dancing Queen

Soleil got to attend her first wedding! She was so excited to be able to see the princess that was getting married. The princess was Karime. She wasn't so keen on the ceremony, but she LOVED the reception. First off she saw the candy bar, she filled up her little to-go box and begged and pleaded for Mommy and Daddy to let her eat some before dinner. She sat at the table with us and was the best little girl we could ask for. When it was time for dancing we headed over to watch Karime and Andres dance. Soleil kept asking when it was our turn. She had to wait and wait for all of the planned bride and groom dances. Finally they opened up the dance floor and Soleil was the dancing queen! She had the biggest smile on and clomped around the dance floor in her new wedding shoes. She lost all of her inhibitions and didn't care if she was next to Mommy or a stranger. Everyone was her friend when she was dancing. I lost sight of her many times. I think I was missing her more than the other way around! I remember at one point someone told me Soleil was break dancing on the floor. I thought that was strange so I fought the crowd to see what she was doing. Nope, not break dancing....doing Yoga moves!! Guess she thought she had to show off her moves! My feet were killing me so I took her back to the table. She didn't seem to mind because they were playing Disco music. When the Hispanic music came back on she was begging me to take her back to dance. Thank goodness Cynthia Erwin was at our table. She took her back dancing for me! Thanks Karime and Andres for letting us share in such a special day! It was a wedding to remember.

We decided Soleil has dancing in her so we signed her up for a dance class. Her first class is tonight. She has her leotard, tights, ballet shoes, and skirt all ready to go. I am sure this class will break the bank since it runs with the school year and we have to pay for all these performance fees and costumes. But to see her face when she is dancing, I am sure it will be worth it!

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