Sunday, September 14, 2008

Haircut in a REAL salon

Soleil and I decided to walk to a salon across the street to get some back-to-school hair cuts. Soleil had only had her hair cut at home and at Robbie's Aunt Sherri's house. She was excited to go to a real salon with Mommy. I asked her if she wanted to watch me get my hair cut first, but NO! She wanted to go first! Jo was so great with her. She told her everything she was doing and asked her if she wanted the "Dora" cut. How could Sol say no? When she cut the bangs, she held the hair out in front of Sol's mouth and had her make a wish and blow the hair. She even got Princess sparkles sprayed in her hair when she was finished for being such a great client. I think the after photo shows what a great cut she got! She now loves to play "haircuts" and have us sit down in her chair as she brushes and cuts. She has us make wishes and tells us that if we are good we can get some princess sparkles.

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