Sunday, September 14, 2008

Our little dancer

Soleil started dance lessons at the end of August. We knew that she would love them since she was dancing all around the house. She has always seemed to like to move to music even since she was itty-bitty. She has gone to three lessons so far. The first one she just watched everyone else and did not want to move at all. I peeked in to see that an older girl was trying to help her move her arms to the music, but Soleil was not happy the girl was touching her and made her arms stiff as a board. After class her teacher told me that she needed to work on sitting "Criss, cross, applesauce". Soleil knows how to do that, I guess she just wanted to observe the first class. The second class she did much better, sitting down, moving a little. Most of the other girls in the class were screaming and clawing to get out back to their parents. Since Sol has been in daycare I think she is a lot more mature than that. Robbie got to go with us to her last class. She was the star of the class! Everytime we peeked in, she was moving right along with the teacher. There will still other girls crying, but Sol just ignored them. After class Robbie went in to pick her up and the teacher told him that Soleil was a great leader. Start saving up your money now...her Broadway debut will be soon! :)

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